We are a core-team of three supported by fantastic friends and our network helping us bringing our ideas alive.


I am Marischa, the one who brings the vision and crazy initial ideas to the table. Living in a colorful home, travelling the world and hugely impressed by the green walls that I am trembling upon across the globe I wondered: where can I buy my green wall for my home? Really - there was no place to go. So what did I do? I started a quest to find the dream team to co-create a vertical modular system of planters that fit any home and are affordable for most of us.


Hi and my name is Laura, the creative designer of Vanzha. I love my sketch-book and always draw my new ideas into designs. After initial design I use calculators and computers to check whether they can actually come alive. I always want to know if and how things work and wear high heels while figuring it out. When Marischa approached me with the idea of Vanzha, I was hugely surprised that the product did not yet exist. And very happy that she had asked me to join this small team. Now impatient to begin this never ending quest for a healthy and happy home!


The man, his blonde and his brunette –yup: that man is me! The financial know-it-all of Vanzha. I really liked the idea for a green wall and more important I love the enthusiasm of Marischa and Laura and the wild idea’s they come up time after time.  In my role I try to balance the wild idea’s and make them realistic in order to create a beautiful green wall for your home. I am the monitor of the team assuring that we build a sustainable company that is here to stay. The oh so important wing man in this challenging and energizing flight.

A zillion thanks to our highly supporting network and partners


Henk Haselager, Jan Pronk and Paul Wolfs